Caesar Financial is a freight brokerage firm, making a comprehensive and disruptive entry into the dull freight brokerage industry. We offer unique services to shippers and carriers to help move freight faster and more reliably while creating more sustainable business environments for all.

We have a strategic partnership with an industry leading Transportation Management Systems (TMS) provider, which effortlessly matches shippers with carriers and handle all paper work including payments. Our dedication to the “3 days payment” is another game changing choice which is unheard of in the existing freight industry.

Value creation is at the core of our existence. We handle every step of the brokerage process, constantly looking for opportunities to improve quality of service, increase quantity of loads moved, and develop cost-effective solutions to create value in the existing freight brokerage industry.


Today customers are more demanding – and less forgiving – than ever before.
Customers are savvier; oversight is tighter; and competition is intensifying.
Caesar Financial offers shippers a solution to help meet customer needs and stay competitive.

Caesar Financial offers shippers an all-in-one solution

Caesar has partnered with an industry leading Transportation Management Systems (TMS) provider to swiftly locate the right carrier for each job, arrange pick-ups and drop-offs, and process carrier payments.

Caesar Financial has the world’s largest network of carriers

Caesar has an access to more carriers than any other brokers or carrier companies. This large network enables Caesar to provide solutions to fit every unique shipping needs at a right price.

Caesar Financial handles customer needs on behalf of shippers

Caesar provides customer service to every shipper at no additional cost. Every Caesar customer service representative has completed a rigorous training to handle every situation with the utmost professionalism.


Success of a carrier business greatly depends on minimizing the idle time and reducing days-sales-outstanding. Caesar Financial offers carriers most loads at best payment terms.

Caesar Financial is dedicated to offering carriers a high volume of loads

Caesar has an access to a wide variety of loads through a network of broker agents and a strategic partnership with an industry leading Transportation Management Systems (TMS) provider.

Caesar Financial pays carriers faster than any other freight brokerages

Caesar believes in nurturing a sustainable business environment for shippers, brokers and carriers alike. To support this, Caesar guarantees all payments to carriers are made within 3 business days from the delivery.

Caesar Financial is a licensed bonded broker

Caesar is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for Motor Property Carrier and Broker Authority to operate in all 50 states (MC-919318). Caesar meets the minimum bond coverage in the amount of $75,000. (proof of bond coverage)


Caesar Financial is currently seeking independent freight broker agents to join the team. Caesar agents are provided with unparalleled support and tools to build their businesses bigger than the industry has ever realized.

Caesar helps with lead generation

Caesar believes in building a solid partnership between broker (Caesar) and agents. This is why we operate an internal marketing team to identify key target leads and develop win-strategies to acquire loads more effectively than ever before.

Caesar’s large pool of capital provides more opportunities to broker deals

Agent business ultimately hinges on the brokerage firm’s ability to handle deals. As such, Caesar has raised a sufficient pool of funds to handle loads of varying sizes in target markets.

Caesar agents can focus on shippers

Caesar has partnered with an industry leading Transportation Management Systems (TMS) provider. Using the partner’s TMS, agents can effortlessly connect shippers with carriers and handle paperwork including payments within the TMS.

We are confident that Caesar will help every agent to earn the trust and reputation needed to build a successful. If you are interested, please contact info@caesarfinancial.com



652 Mateo St. Suite #304,

Los Angeles CA 90021

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